Future Health 未来健康


Future Health
Imagining the future of medicine, extending the future of humanity
Bringing innovative drugs and advanced therapies to China in the shortest possible time and stimulating local innovation
Partnering to improve healthcare, drive digital innovation and work towards a national health strategy
Expanding access to medicine, fulfilling corporate responsibility and building trust with the community
Future Health

Future Health, founded in 2000, and headquartered in New York, USA, is a highly focused, innovative, and patient-centric global biopharmaceutical company. It brings together professionals from diverse fields, including scientists, researchers, communicators, manufacturing experts, and regulatory specialists, from around the world. Future Health continously introduces innovative medical solutions to address a wide range of health challenges, from life-threatening diseases to chronic conditions.

The company combines the stability, global scale, abundant resources, and strong commercial capabilities of a pharmaceutical company with the focus and culture of a biotechnology company. Future Health is committed to improving patient outcomes through scientific research, breakthrough treatments, and transformative healthcare solutions.

With a global presence and multidisciplinary talent, Future Health aims to revolutionize the healthcare industry by providing accessible and personalized healthcare solutions. The company’s comprehensive approach encompasses scientific excellence, regulatory compliance, and commercial expertise to deliver novel therapies and advancements in patient use.

We touch the lives of hundreds of millions of people around the world
countries and regions have been covered by our products
million patients have benefited from our products
million patients benefited from future healthcare plans
Future Health and Pfizer
After 10 years of development, Future Health has now become the largest agent of Pfizer in Southeast Asia, providing the Southeast Asian market with a wide range of therapeutic and health products with great potential, such as chemical drugs, biological agents, vaccines, and health medicine.
We create value for enterprises, patients and the whole society
Build Future Health into a medical and health-focused enterprise driven by world-class R&D and commercialization, global accessibility and data science.
Continuously improve R&D capabilities and fully promote innovation
Early Clinical Research
Global Center of Excellence for Early Clinical Research
Global Drug Development
China’s leading drug development organization
Collaborative Innovation
Collaborating with life sciences institutions to drive home-grown innovation
Future Health R&D Team Focusing on Key Therapeutic Areas
Future Health R&D Team Focusing on Key Therapeutic Areas